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Author:Aa, Pieter van der
Title:Catalogus librorum, historici, litteratores, antiquarii, numismatici, aliique miscellanei in folio (in quarto, in octavo, in duodecimo)
Publication place:Leiden
Publication date:[1695?]
Location:British Library shelfmark S.C.117.(1.)
Sloane no. w 878: no fixed url, search the Sloane Printed Books catalogue.
Provenance:Prior to Hooke:
Smith, Samuel
After Hooke:
Sloane, Hans (1660-1753)
Provenance references:Mandelbrote, 'Sloane's Purchases' (2009), p. 130-131; Hooke, Diary, 1688-1693 (1935), pp. 197-9, 207, 226, 235, 239, 264-5.
Annotations:Inscription on A2r, probably in Hooke's hand 'This Catalogue was given to me by Mʳ Sam: Smith: gratis. Au' [cropped: 'Aug. 1692'?] and three leaves of "[n]otes of books in an unidentified auction" noted by Mandelbrote.
Other notes:The 3 inserted manuscript leaves in Hooke's hand can now be identified as his list of desiderata of more than 90 lots matching Bullord's A Catalogue of Books of Two Eminent Mathematicians...which will be exposed to sale by way of auction...21st of...May, 1691, available online via EEBO.
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