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Language and size:Libri Latini, &c. in Quarto
Lot number:438
Page number:17
Author:[Scheiner, Christoph]
Title:[De Maculis] cum quibusd. aliis Tractatib. ejusd. Argumenti
Publication place:[ ]
Publication date:[ ]
Catalogue notes:Two titles braced together under lot no. 438
Provenance references:Mandelbrote, 'Sloane's Purchases' (2009), p. 120.
Other notes:Mandelbrote suggests Antoine Francois Payen's Selenelion ou apparition lunisolaire en l'Isle de Gorgone (Paris, 1666) and Pierre Gassendi's Parhelia sive soles quatuor qui circa verum apparuerunt Romae are possibly among the 'aliis Tractatib.' in this lot; see extra_BH_20 and extra_BH_10.
No clear evidence of, but possible, Hooke provenance.
database ID:auct_BH_788


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