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Language and size:Libri Latini, &c. in Folio
Lot number:35
Page number:2
Author:Holland, Henry
Title:Heroologia Angl. h. e.Clariss. Aliq. Anglor. Effig.Vitae, &c.
Publication place:[Arnhem]
Publication date:[1640]
Catalogue notes:Title emended from 'Horologia'
Price fetched:0.12.0
Provenance references:24 December 1678 entry in Hooke, Diary, 1672-1680 (1935), p. 390.
Other notes:Hooke purchased a copy of this book for 5s 6d from Moses Pitt's auction; it is listed as "Hollandi (H.) Herologia Anglica; sive Vivae Effigies, Vitae & Elogia Claris. & Doctis. aliquot Anglorum, &c. Londini," lot 202 on p. 46 in 'Libri Historici, Philosophici, Mathematici, &c. in Folio' section of Gijsbert Voet [& Moses Pitt], Catalogus variorum librorum inst[r]uctissimæ bibliothecæ præstantissimi doctissimique viri in Anglia defuncti, ut & aliorum in omnibus scientiis atque linguis insignium, ex bibliothecæ clarissimi Gisberti Voetii emptorum cum multis aliis tum antiquis tum modernis nuperrimæ ex variis partibus Europæ advectis quorum auctio habebitur . . . Novembris 25, 1678.
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