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Language and size:Libri in Albiis, in Quarto
Lot number:20
Page number:54
Author:Marsigli, Luigi Ferdinando
Title:Observazioni intorno al Sosforo Thracion
Publication place:Rome
Publication date:1681
Price fetched:0.2.6
Other notes:British Library, MS Sloane 1039, fols. 135r-v contain Hooke's notes on this book, Luigi Ferdinando Marsigli's Osservazioni intorno al Bosforo Tracio overo canale di Constantinopoli (Rome, 1681), which he had borrowed from William Croone (1633-1684), physician and professor of rhetoric at Gresham College, presumably before he proceeded to purchase his own copy.
database ID:auct_BH_2577


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