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Language and size:English Books in Folio
Lot number:20
Page number:38
Author:Speed, John
Publication place:London
Publication date:1631
Price fetched:0.6.2
Location:British Library shelfmark Cartographic Items Maps.C.7.c.6
Provenance:Before Hooke: Shortgrave, Robert (d.1676)
Provenance references:27 October 2016 correspondence from Alison Walker (the Sloane Printed Books Project, British Library).
Annotations:Inscription 'Lib. Rob. Hooke paid for it to Mr Shortgrave July 20 1669 1.5.0.' noted by Alison Walker.
Other notes:The book title is noted in the British Library catalogue as A prospect of the most famous parts of the world ... together with all the provinces, counties and shires, contained in ... Great Brittaines empire. (A description of the Civill warres ... in England, etc.).
database ID:auct_BH_1803


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