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Language and size:Libri Latini, &c. in Octavo
Lot number:91
Page number:23
Author:Atticus, Titus Pomponius
Title:sive de Tranquilitate Vitae
Publication place:Hannover
Publication date:1598
Catalogue notes:Item no. filled in by hand in the facsimile in Feisenberger, Sale Catalogues (1975), p.83
Price fetched:0.0.10
Location:Bodleian Library, Oxford, call numbers Lawn f.211 (1) and Lawn f.211 (2)
Provenance:Prior to Hooke:
previous owner's inscription "Jun. 22. 1647. J[?] H[?]."
After Hooke:
Trotter family (18th century, bookplate)
Lawn, Brian (d. 2001, bookplate)
Provenance references:Mandelbrote, 'Sloane's Purchases' (2009), p. 134; Bodleian Library, Oxford, catalogue.
Annotations:Inscription on upper inside board 'Lib. R.Hooke 1683, 12 [d?]'; also slight ink underlining and marginal dashing, but these might not be from Hooke.
Other notes:Title in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, catalogue: Titus Pomponius Atticus: siue de tranquillitate, et elegantia vitae eruditi, & docti hominis. : Liber refertus saluberrimis cum exemplis; tum praeceptis, quibus usus vitae doctorum hominum, & studiosorum Adolescentum in omnes partes conformari possit; secondary author's name: Johann Jacob Beurer. Bound with Francesco Vimercati, De principiis rerum naturalium libri III (Marpurgi, 1598); for which Hooke presumably bought the volume for.
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