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Author:Saumaise, Claude de
Title:Claudii Salmasii praefatio in librum de Homonymis Hyles Iatricae, euisdem de Plinio iudicium
Publication place:Divione
Publication date:1668
Location:Royal Society, RCN: R62032; Class: Early Works
Provenance:Presented to the Royal Society; 15 April 1669
Provenance references:Inscription in Hooke's hand; reported by Rupert Baker.
Annotations:"Lent to Mr. Collins for 2 or 3 days Aug. 15 2 books of Eschinardus his optick with 3 loose she[ets] of schemes & 1 of preface"
Other notes:Extant book handled by or otherwise associated with Hooke
database ID:associated_BH_2


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