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Author:Hayward, Edward
Title:The sizes and lengths of riggings for all the states ships and frigats. As also proportions of boatswains and carpenters stores . . . for eight months sea-service upon the coast of England: together with sundry other useful observations
Publication place:London
Publication date:1655
Location:Royal Society, RCN: 43398; Class: Early Works
Provenance:Aubrey, John (1626–1697)
Provenance references:Royal Society library catalogue.
Annotations:[As noted in the Royal Society library catalogue] "Imprimatur of Lord Protector's Council faces title-page. Recto signed: Jo. Awbrey, 1668, & with Aubrey's later presentation inscription to R.Hooke, 'to be put in the Library if he please'."
Other notes:Extant book handled by or otherwise associated with Hooke
database ID:associated_BH_1


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