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Author:Streete, Thomas
Title:Memorial verses on the ecclesiastical and civil calender: with an epitome of the heavenly motions
Publication place:London
Publication date:1667
Location:Bodleian Library, Oxford, call number 4° E 8(10) Jur.
Sloane no. F 267: no fixed url, search the Sloane Printed Books catalogue.
Provenance:Sloane, Hans (1660-1753)
Provenance references:Poole, 'Payen' (2007), p. 258; Poole, 'Lodwick' (2006), p. 382; Mandelbrote, 'Sloane's Purchases' (2009), p. 121; Hooke, Diary, 1672-1680 (1935), p. 7.
Annotations:Inscription 'Lib. Rob: Hooke. praet. 6. Sep. 6. 1672'. Bound with extra_BH_0024.
Other notes:See figs. 2 and 2a in the editors' Introduction.
Mandelbrote suggests that this book could be one of the 'Three other Tracts' in lot 126 on page 44 of the auction catalogue. See auct_BH_2073 and extra_BH_27.
database ID:extra_BH_26


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