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Language and size:Libri Latini, &c. in Folio
Lot number:20
Page number:1
Author:[Doncker, Hendrick]
Title:Nieur Groot Stuermans Zee-Spiegel. with Caart.
Publication place:Amsterdam
Publication date:1644
Price fetched:0.2.0
Provenance references:24 December 1678 entry in Hooke, Diary, 1672-1680 (1935), p. 390.
Other notes:The first edition of this book is dated 1664 therefore the 1644 date listed in the BH is an error. The alternative spelling of the title is Nieuw Groot Stuurmans Zee-Spiegel. Hooke purchased a copy of this book for 4s 6d from Moses Pitt's auction; it is listed as "Nieuw groot Huermans Zee Spiegel, Amsterdam. 1664," lot 88 on p. 3 in 'Libri Italic. Gallic. Hispan. Batav. Folio' section of Gijsbert Voet [& Moses Pitt], Catalogus variorum librorum inst[r]uctissimæ bibliothecæ præstantissimi doctissimique viri in Anglia defuncti, ut & aliorum in omnibus scientiis atque linguis insignium, ex bibliothecæ clarissimi Gisberti Voetii emptorum cum multis aliis tum antiquis tum modernis nuperrimæ ex variis partibus Europæ advectis quorum auctio habebitur . . . Novembris 25, 1678.
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