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Language and size:English Books in Quarto
Lot number:114
Page number:44
Author:Collins, John
Title:Sector on a Quadrant
Publication place:[London]
Publication date:1658
Price fetched:0.3.6
Location: British Library shelfmark 8561.a.27.
Sloane no. G 520.
Provenance:Sloane, Hans (1660-1753)
Provenance references:27 April 2015 correspondence from Boris Jardine; Hooke's inscription and the Sloane number on the title page.
Annotations:Inscription 'Rob:Hooke' on the title page (p. 277) of the surviving fragment "The Description of an Universal small Pocket Quadrant."
Other notes:The full title of this book is The sector on a quadrant, or A treatise containing the description and use of four several quadrants two small ones and two great ones, each rendred many wayes, both general and particular. Each of them accomodated for dyalling; for the resolving of all proportions instrumentally; and for the ready finding the hour and azimuth universally in the equal limbe. Of great use to seamen and practitioners in the mathematicks. Written by John Collins accountant philomath. Also An appendix touching reflected dyalling from a glass placed at any reclination.
Only the fragment "The Description of an Universal small Pocket Quadrant" (pp. 277-84) has survived from Hooke's copy of this book; Hooke's inscription appearing on its title page (p. 277), it is possible that the fragment was purchased separately.
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