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Language and size:Libri Latini, &c. in Octavo
Lot number:208
Page number:26
Author:Ent, Sir George
Title:Apolog. pro Circutione Sanguinis. Chart. Maj.
Publication place:London
Publication date:1685
Price fetched:0.1.0
Location:Royal College of Physicians, London, shelf reference D2/62-d-12: no fixed url, search for 'Ent 1685' in the library catalogue.
Provenance:Putland, George
Provenance references:Mandelbrote, 'Sloane's Purchases' (2009), p. 141; Royal College of Physicians, London, collection and library catalogue.
Annotations:Hooke's inscription that it was a gift from the author: 'Dono dedit Dr Auctor, Rob[ert] Hooke 7o Augustj 1686'.
Other notes:See figs. 11 and 11a in the editors' Introduction.
Title in the Royal College of Physicians, London, library catalogue: Apologia pro circuitione sanguinis.
database ID:auct_BH_1191


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