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Please note the current limitations to this search:
-it will search the following fields: author, title, place and date of publication, editors' notes, and current location;
-it can only search one word or number at a time (e.g. Hooke), or words in an exact sequence (e.g. British Library);
-it will search anywhere inside a field, word, or number;
-it will not accept any boolean search operators (i.e. please do not use OR, AND, etc.);
-there is no need to wrap the search terms in quotation marks or to use any wildcard symbols.

Some tips and examples:
A lot of the titles in the auction catalogue include Latin declensions, often in an abbreviated form; for instance the title of the very first entry is Op. Gr. & Lat. a Frid. Sylburgio. Thus, using partial words will yield more comprehensive results:
-searching for arch will return Architectura, Architetti, Archimedes, Plutarch;
-searching for dee will return Dee, idee, deest;
-searching for geom will return Geom., Geomet., Geometria, Geometrica, Geometry, etc.