About the Project

This online source on the library of the 17th-century virtuoso Robert Hooke (1635-1703) is an on-going collaboration between Will Poole, Felicity Henderson, and Yelda Nasifoglu who are currently undertaking research on different aspects of Hooke’s work. As it is a work-in-progress, further research notes will be continually added to the database, and new editions of the editors’ Introduction are expected to be released. More advanced search functionalities will gradually be added to the site.

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Later phases

Later phases of the project will include the addition of British Library MS Sloane 949 (Hooke’s manuscript list of his own library c.1676) to the database, as well as a section on ‘lost books’, books that Hooke is known to have purchased but that were not listed in the auction catalogue after his death. If funding for image reproduction rights is secured, Hooke’s annotations and lists of desiderata from auction catalogues in the collections of the British Library may be added to the site. Once the active research phase is complete, the site will be archived and made available via a suitable repository.


Copyright and permissions

The archives and libraries retain the copyrights to the images and texts from their collections; readers are expected to contact them directly to obtain their permission for reproductions. Links to their websites have been provided in the reference section.

All other content on this site is provided free of charge for individual, non-commercial use only, and may not be published without prior permission from the editors.


Technical information about the website

logosThis site was built by Yelda Nasifoglu using open source software: WordPress for the web interface (with a customized Twenty Twelve theme), MySQL for the database, and PhP scripting language for communication between the two. Should you encounter any technical errors or difficulties browsing the site, please do contact Yelda directly.